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March Book of the Month

March Book of the Month

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Read along or stand-by for my review later this month.

Review: Mommywood

Review: Mommywood

Mommywood by Tori Spelling

Pages: 237
Published: 2009
Genre: Biography, Non-Fiction

My Rating: 3/5

Summary (from Chapters):
IF YOU THOUGHT TINSELTOWN WAS TOUGH... Tori Spelling might have grown up with everything a girl could wish for, but these days she's just another suburban working mom... whose toddler regularly recognizes her in the pages of US Weekly. Welcome to Mommywood, where the stars are two feet tall and your neighbors know who you are before you move in. Like most parents, Tori wants her children to have the one thing she didn't have as a kid - a normal family. On their hit Oxygen reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the starlet and her husband, Dean McDermott regularly wrestle dirty diapers, host the neighborhood block party and tackle temper tantrums on the red carpet. But when the cameras aren't rolling, Tori's still having awkward run-ins with a former 90210 costar at a laser tag birthday party, scooping rogue poo out of the kiddie pool on a resort vacation, and racing to win back her pre-baby body before the media starts calling her fat. For all her suburban fantasies, Tori Spelling is no June Cleaver.


If you have read sTori Telling, you know what to expect. This book continues following the lives of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott as they raise their growing family. Now with two children, Liam and Stella, Tori and Dean are struggling to keep their family as un-Hollywood as possible while still living the 'red carpet' lifestyle.

I found this book very light and easy to read. Whether it was actually Tori Spelling writing or Hilary Lifton (as noted in the front of the book), I really felt as though she (Tori) was telling me the story. It's very hard to feel bad for a 'Hollywood' mom even if she has to work to support her family. I found the constant digs at her childhood and her mom to be a little over the top... we get it, you had a HORRIBLE childhood and an even worse adult relationship with your mother. I didn't feel like I needed to hear about it in every single chapter or every single story she told. Again, hard to feel bad for the child of Aaron Spelling.

Overall, it was exactly what I was expecting and didn't leave me wanting more. Will I be adding her next book, Uncharted TerriTori, to my 'to-read' list? Yah, I'll bite... I always was a sucker for 90210!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review: Sing You Home

Review: Sing You Home

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Pages: 468
Published: 2011
Genre: Fiction

My Rating: 4/5

Summary (from

Every life has a soundtrack. All you have to do is listen.

Music has set the tone for most of Zoe Baxter's life. There's the melody that reminds her of the summer she spent rubbing baby oil on her stomach in pursuit of the perfect tan. A dance beat that makes her think of using a fake ID to slip into a nightclub. A dirge that marked the years she spent trying to get pregnant.

For better or worse, music is the language of memory. It is also the language of love.

In the aftermath of a series of personal tragedies, Zoe throws herself into her career as a music therapist. When an unexpected friendship slowly blossoms into love, she makes plans for a new life, but to her shock an inevitable rage, some people - even those she loves and trusts most - don't want that to happen.


Where to begin? This book is full of so much emotion that it was hard to not feel swayed one way or another. As someone that works for an Evangenical church, I found this book very hard to digest but not because of the 'anti-Christian' context, because of the 'Christian' context. I guess I am one that falls outside the box when it comes to religion. Believing that a person has a right to choose how they live their lives without it affecting my day-to-day life.

Having also gone through minor infertility issues myself, I found Jodi Picoult's account of the feelings and emotions involved with each failed cycle to be bang on. Understanding the devastation that parents/partners go through is so hard to describe and she did it beautifully.

While I will never be able to fully wrap myself around the 'same-sex' issues (because I haven't dealt with them first or really, second, hand), Sing You Home, has made me realize that there are people out there who struggle each and every day just to get by in a world that is unaccepting, a world that judges/hates/bullys, a world that is cruel. I hope that this book hits home in some of those 'unaccepting' people and makes them realize that it really isn't about them... it's about us.

Overall, this book was wonderfully written and hit home on each and every basis of the story. Never going to far one way or the other and showing each side of the 'story' fairly and accurately (sadly). Another great book by a great author!!

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Books, Books, Books

I know, I've done it once and I will likely do it again... what am I talking about? Blogging. There are, in all likelihood, a dozen blogs out in 'blogland' that have been started and stopped by me. Yep, I am THAT person!

So, what makes this one different? Well, nothing really. I guess what you have to do is look into the reasons that the previous blogs were all stopped. Most of them were the 'passion-de-jeur'. You see, I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and while it is very mild, a BIG part of me has to be 'obsessed' with something - be it dieting, getting pregnant or cleaning (has yet to happen) - there has to be something! But, as you can also see, all of these things have an end... You diet to lose weight and will eventually be at goal (yah me) or give up... you try to get pregnant and will eventually have a baby (yah me) or give up... you clean, well, let's leave that one alone.

However, there is one thing that has been a steady 'obsession' in my life and one that I will never give up. Sure, I have taken small hiatuses from it, mainly to diet or try to get pregnant and maybe clean (not really), but I always come back to it. What is that, you ask? It's reading! I love to read. So much so that you could say it is my life's ONE TRUE OBSESSION.

There you have it. A reason to blog and a reason to keep it going. Do I expect there to be anyone who wants to read my blog? Not really. It's a place that I can come and enjoy my hobby, enjoy my passion and enjoy my book. My plan is to review the books that I have read and spend time, quality time, with each one.

If this sounds like a place you want to hang out, read about books I have read or even about my love of books/reading, then come on over... grab a chair and dig in! I'd love to share with you!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Advance: Beneath A Starlet Sky

For an avid reader, like myself, there is nothing better than a FREE book!! So, how cool is it that by simply entering a 'Giveaway' contest on Goodreads, I was chosen to review Beneath A Starlet Sky by Amanda Goldberg & Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper before it becomes available to the public. Stay-tuned for the upcoming review of this book!!

Coming Soon: Jennifer Weiner

Coming Soon: Jennifer Weiner

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

Due Out: July 12, 2011

Summary (from

Jules Wildgren is a Princton senior with a full scholarship and a family she's ashamed to invite to Parents' Weekend. Tall, blonde, and outwardly indentical to her prep-school-educated classmates, her plan is to take the ten thousand dollars she'll receive from donating her 'pedigree' eggs to save her father from addiction...

Annie Barrow is a working-class mother of two who scrapes by on her husbands single paycheck. After watching a TV show about surrogates, she thinks she's found a way to recover a sense of purpose and bring in some extra cash...

India Bishop, thirty-eight (really forty-three), believes she's found her happy ending when she marries a wealthy, older man, Marcus Croft, but decides a baby will seal the deal. When her attempts at pregnancy fail, she turns to technology, and Annie and Jules, to make her dreams come true...

But each woman's plan are thrown into disarray when Marcus suddenly dies, and his twenty-three year old daughter Bettina is named guardian of the unborn child. As the baby's due date draws near, these women - with nothing and everything in common - discover what makes each a mother in her own right.